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55 Old State Rd
Oxford, CT 06478
Ph (203) 888-6600
Fax 203-828-6956

Performance Engineered Lubricants Section

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Want help selecting the right lubricant?

There is an easier way. Just phone  (203) 888-6600      FAX: (203) 828-6956     or   Email: lubesales@precisionspindle.com

Advanced Lubrication and Machine Services provids a WIDE range of lubricants (greases and oils) for ALL types of precision machinery and special applications throughout industry. 

Please call us at (203) 888-6600 and we will help you select the right lubricant for your application.



Aerosol Spray Cans Assembly Pastes Automotive Manf Chain Lubrication

Bearings - High Speed Bearings - Plain Canning Industry Food and Pharm

Bearings - Rolling Element Biodegradable Corrugated Container Machine Tool

Electric Motors - Grease Extreme Pressure Glass Industry Railroad

Gears - Oil High Purity - Low Noise Maritime & Offshore Winter Sports Industry

High Temperature Linear Motion



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