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Performance Engineered Lubricants Section

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High Speed Grease for Precision Bearings

Advanced Machine Services offers specially formulated greases for all high speed and precision bearing applications. We are also pleased to offer a wide range of grease and oil lubrication products for precision machinery and special applications throughout industry.

Feel free to call (203) 888-6600 and we'll help you get the most life out of your precision bearings and other critical bearing applications.

How do I find the right lubricant for my application?

"Most Popular Lubricants" - Our best selling greases and oils may be ideal for your application, or just give us a call at (203) 888-6600

"Lubrication Help" - We service a wide variety of industries with different applications and most likely can help you.

"Lubricant by Family Type" - Explore Kluber lubricants by product grouping / family types such as Isolflex and Barrierta.

"Other Lube Products" include the following:

Looking for Isoflex? We carry Kluber ISOFLEX TOPAS NB 52 which is the grease specified for snowmobile engines by manufacturers such as Bombardier and Ski-Doo and is also used in other specific ATV applications. 

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Call (203) 888-6600

FAX: (203) 881-9807

Email: lubesales@precisionspindle.com

Please contact us if you have any questions, for pricing and availability, availability in larger packaging.  

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(203) 881-9807
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