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Performance Engineered Lubricants Section

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Ultra-Filtered Grease for Super Precision Bearings

Chevron SRI-2,    Kluber Isoflex NBU-15 , F. A. G. Barden - Arcanol L75

Ultra-Filtered Grease
In Easy to Use Applicators

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Developed for stealth. (quiet bearings)

Ultra-filtered greases. Specially formulated spindle bearing greases filtered at 10 to 40 microns in easy to use applicators will ensure cleanliness and proper fill. Each individual kit contain 30cc of grease in a graduated cartridge, screw-on applicator tip, plunger, storage caps and a detailed, illustrated instruction sheet containing fill quantity guidelines by bearing size and type.
Available Formulations:
  • Chevron SRI-2
    • A petroleum/poly-urea, non-channeling, moderate speed, water resistant, spindle grease for temperatures up to 300 deg F and speeds up to 400,000 dN.
  • Kluber Isoflex NBU-15
    • Ester/barium complex, non-channeling, extra high speed, moderate load, water resistant spindle grease for temperatures up to 250 deg F and speeds up to 850,000 dN.
  • F. A. G. Barden - Arcanol L75
    • The next generation in high speed precision spindle bearing grease.
    • Ideal for precision ball bearings including ceramic hybrids.
    • PAO/ester base oil in a polyurea thickener.
    • Critical preliminary "run-in" procedure takes 50%  less time at half the temperature of Arcanol L74, the Barium-based grease being replaced by ArconolL75
    • Increased reliability.
    • For temperatures up to 180 deg F and ultra high speeds up to 1,500,000 dN

Please call and talk to our lubrication engineers about the best grease, proper fill quantity and run in procedure for your spindle application. Call 1-203-888-6600 between 9-5 e.s.t. and please mention you saw this web-site

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Call (203) 888-6600

FAX: (203) 881-9807


Please contact us if you have any questions, for pricing and availability, availability in larger packaging.  

AMS provides the following ultra filtered greases in special applicators: Chevron SRI-2,   Kluber Isoflex NBU-15 , F. A. G. Barden  Arcanol L75

Please contact us if you have any questions, for pricing, availability in larger packaging, and to place an order.




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