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Spindle Repair & Engineering Services

Machine tool spindles not lasting? We can help.

If you are looking for faster cheaper service please read this carefully. Bearing life calculations say that most spindle bearings should last indefinitely. How are your spindles performing? Call 203-888-6600 to find out how to get your spindles performing up to specifications.

AMS services most every industry and repairs high speed and precision spindles and motors, including; grinding spindles, boring spindles, milling spindles, machine tool spindles as well as wood router spindles, winders, and other high speed or high accuracy rotating devices.


One Customer Saved Millions of Dollars

The aerospace division of one the largest bearing manufacturing companies in the world, reduced spindle repairs from over one hundred spindles per year down to only a handful by using techniques introduced and implemented by one of our engineers. This has saved them millions of dollars in rebuilds, downtime and product quality issues over the past 10 years and continues to do so.


Expert Spindle Repair

Stop wasting money.
Get longer life better part quality.

We work with you to achieve increased spindle life and performance. Yes, that does substantially reduce the number of spindles we rebuild, but it does create long term business relationships. Advanced Lubrication and Machine Services has been providing service with integrity since 1987.

We attend to every detail with an obsession for cleanliness, dimensional accuracy and geometric perfection. Our advanced inspection procedures and experience allow us to determine the root causes of failure. We use this information to help you save money.

With tolerances measured in millionths of an inch, bearings and spindles will perform as expected only when every detail is attended to with hyper-critical attention. Precision bearings rely on extremely small tolerances (within several microinches, thousands of times finer than a strand of hair). That is why spindle rebuilders need specialized knowledge, experience and equipment. Others may mimic the words written at our website but they can not duplicate our expertise, knowledge and proven savings.


Modifications for higher performance

Spindle Modifications

Contamination exclusion systems.
Special lubricants and lube systems.
Special bearing configurations.
Silicone Nitride (Hybrid Ceramic) bearing components
Higher speed operation.
Increased stiffness & rigidity.
Extremely low vibration & run-out.
Super precision balancing.
Exceeds ISO balance quality grade G - 0.4

New bearing configurations, alternate pre-load systems, changes to lubrication systems, and hybrid ceramic bearings can be implemented. Our design engineering department will run the calculations and come up with the best design for your application. The possibilities are limitless. Call us about "souping up" your spindles.


Why such a fuss?

The bearings we use are assembled in super clean rooms.

Contamination of any size damages bearing components. Also bearing inner & outer rings conform to the roundness of their mating components. Poor shaft or housing geometry will distort the bearing. Improper fits change preload and reduce bearing life. Super precision bearings demand a super precision environment, not a hammer and vice.

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