Precision Electric Motor Repair Service.

When extra precision, low vibration, and tight balance specs are required, Advanced Lubrication and Machine Services can help. Belt driven spindles are sensitive to vibration and run-out generated by the drive motor.

Accurate and smooth motor operation is required for optimum performance. You can count on AMS to install that extra precision in your drive motors so they exceed OEM specs for balance and accuracy. The same meticulous engineering that goes into our spindles goes into the motors we service.

Advanced Lubrication & Machine Services provides increased precision and performance for new or old motors. New energy efficient motors can be engineered for more precision, lower vibration and tighter balance specs. Even if you are using older Louis Allis motors to drive Heald Red Head spindles, our advanced engineering modifications will improve balance, vibration and efficiency. You can get an average repair almost anywhere, but if you need precision you need Advanced Lubrication & Machine Services to do the job.

Motor Modifications

Contamination exclusion systems.
Advanced lubricants.
Precision stator winding.
Special bearing configurations.
Precision balancing:
Rotor balancing.
Assembled motor balancing.
Better than ISO balance quality grade G - 0.4.

Modifications for:
Higher speed operation.
Improved balance capabilities.
Increased rigidity.
Extremely low vibration & run-out.

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