Grease, Oil and Lubrication Products
for Precision Machinery and Special Applications.

Proper lubrication IS one of the MOST IMPORTANT things YOU can do to maintain your expensive equipment. Choose the right lubrication and apply it properly and YOU will be rewarded with longer lasting, and better performing equipment.

We are pleased to offer a wide range of grease and oil lubrication products for precision machinery and special applications throughout industry.

How do I find the right lubricant for my application?

Most Popular Lubricants

Our best selling greases and oils may be ideal for your application.

Lubrication Help

We service a wide variety of industries with different applications and most likely can help you.

Lubricant by Family Type

Explore Kluber lubricants by product grouping / family types such as Isolflex and Barrierta.

Other Lube Products

Filtered grease for super precision bearings in graduated applicators.

Single point bearing lubricators.

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