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Basic Hydraulic Program.

Our Basic Hydraulic Program is designed for most industrial hydraulic systems. It includes all of the tests necessary for users that want to implement a comprehensive, cost-effective analysis program. The program allows the user to choose Exception Tests as is necessary based on the initial analysis. Our Basic Hydraulic Program is divided in to four separate parts as follows:

The oil analysis kit itself
The laboratory analysis
No-Charge additional services
Additional tests and services

Oil Analysis Kit

Includes the Following:

Oil sample bottle that is rated "super clean" or "ultra clean"
Plastic container to mail the sample bottle
Pre-printed label for the plastic container
Registration/Information form so that the customer can provide pertinent information regarding the system component to be analyzed (i.e. manufacturer and model number of the pump)
Minimum kit purchase quantity is 20 kits

Laboratory Analysis

Includes the Following:

Particle Count per ISO 4406:1999
FTIR (Fourier Transform Infrared Analysis) analysis
Emissions spectroscopy (for wear metals, additive metals)
Water test
Acid number test

No-Charge Additional Services

Includes the Following:

Post–analysis interpretation assistance (i.e. what do the results tell us?)
Maintenance work order assistance (i.e. what steps will help to address the root cause of any problems uncovered by the oil analysis?)
Unlimited phone consultations with our Analysts regarding results

Additional Tests and Services

The following are available for an additional fee:

Available Exception Tests include the following:

Ultra-centrifuge Nitration Ferrography
On-site Sampling Service: Prices vary, please call for more information
Database Preparation and Pre-registration (this involves pre-registering pertinent information about the system components before analysis) - Prices start at $450.00, depending on various factors, please call for info.
Oil Sampling Valve Installation

Basic Hydraulic Program: $1,040.00 per box of 20 kits

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