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Product Data Sheet

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Polylub HVT 50A  - Spray Lube  Polylub HVT 50 A  - Spray lube

Polylub HVT 50A   Spray lube for chains, cables and gearwheels

Polylub HVT 50 A is excellent for chains, open gears, steering racks and guide rails. We are proud to be able to offer many outstanding Kluber products including Polylub HVT 50 A. More details about Kluber Polylub HVT 50A are presented in the Product Data Sheet below

We offer Polylub HVT 50 A Spray lube in the following packaging: 

400 ml spray can (12 packs)
250 ml spray cans (12 packs)

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Call (203) 888-6600

FAX: (203) 881-9807


Please contact us if you have any questions, for pricing and availability, availability in larger packaging.  


Kluber Polylub HVT 50 A

Application Notes:

Polylub HVT 50 A is an "adhesive lubricant" that sticks well to chains, gears, cables, guide rails and steering racks. Shake well before spraying. Do not spray on or near open flames, electrical equipment, keep away from ignition sources.

Base Oil:

Mineral oil





Density @ 20 C :
DIN 51 757


Kinematic Viscosity:
DIN 51561  mm2/sec approx.


Viscosity Index:
DIN ISO 2909


Operating Temp Range:

-10 to 150o C approx.

Flash Point
DIN ISO 2592
[0 C]


Pour Point
DIN ISO 3016
[0 C]

DIN 51 519

Container sizes:

400 ml spray can (12 packs)
250 ml spray cans (12 packs)


Thank you for your interest in our products and services.