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Product Data Sheet

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NSF H1 Certified High Temperature Gear Oil; Meets FDA Requirements
Food Processing and Pharmaceutical Equipment

We are proud to be able to offer many outstanding Kluber products including Klubersynth UH1 6-100 synthetic gear oil. More details about this product are presented in the Product Data Sheet below

We offer this product in the following packaging: 

1 L  BOTTLE not available
    not incl
5 L JUGnot available    not incl
20 LPAIL$ 389.95    not incl
200 L DRUMplease inquire
    not incl

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Call (203) 888-6600

FAX: (203) 828-6956


Please contact us if you have any questions, for pricing and availability, availability in larger packaging.  


Klubersynth UH1 6-100 High Temperature Gear Oil

Application Notes:

For the lubrication of worm gears with steel / bronze gear wheels and the lubrication of all types of spur gears and bevel gears operating at increased temperature. Good ageing and oxidation stability, good wear protection; reduces friction, complies with CLP requirements; not miscible with mineral and synthetic hydrocarbons; good corrosion protection; compatibility with sealing materials and paints has to be checked. Scuffing load step 12 in the FZG test. DIN 51 354, pt 2 A/9.3/90. Longer gearbox life, longer oil life. Meets FDA requirements to operate in all food processing plants within the food zone. NSF H1 mineral oil free.

Base Oil:






Density @ 20 C :
DIN 51 757


Kinematic Viscosity:
DIN 51561  mm2/sec approx.

100 (at 400 C)
19.5 (at 1000 C)

Viscosity Index:
DIN ISO 2909

> 190

Operating Temp Range:

-35 to 160o C approx.

Flash Point
DIN ISO 2592
[0 C]


Pour Point
DIN ISO 3016
[0 C]

< -35

DIN 51 519


Container sizes:

1 Liter Bottle, 20 Liter Pail, 200 Liter Drum


Thank you for your interest in our products and services.